Foods to Avoid

Protecting Your Appliances

You need to protect your appliances to keep them working well. To start, keep everything but food out of your mouth. This means no bitting fingernails or chewing on the ends of pens or pencils. Other things your should do include eating smart, wearing a mouth guard when needed, and taking care of your appliances.

Eat Smart

Be sure to eat foods that won’t damage your appliances or cause cavities. Here’s how to eat smart with braces.

Try Soft and Bite Sized Foods
Stick with softer foods and smaller bites that are easy on your teeth and braces.
  • Soft foods are best right after you get braces and after adjustments. Soups, stews, pasta, and rice dishes are good choices. Also try scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and yogurt.
  • Bite-sized foods are less likely to damage braces. So cut big, chewy, and hard foods like steak, pizza, and bagels into pieces. Cut meat off the bone and corn off the cob. Also, slice up fresh fruit and raw vegetables, such as apples and carrots.
Avoid These Troublemakers

Certain foods can easily loosen or break your appliances, or cause tooth decay. Stay away from the following:
  • Sticky or chewy foods: chewing gum (even nonstick!), dried fruit, jerky, caramels and taffy, chewy candy bars, jellybeans
  • Hard, crunchy foods: popcorn, nuts, corn & tortilla chips, pizza crust, hard candy, ice
  • Sugary foods: candy, cookies, soft drinks, sugary juices

If you can’t resist these, be sure to brush afterwards!