Hold That Smile

You’ve followed all of your orthodontist’s directions and it’s time for your braces to come off. After they’re removed, take a good look at your beautiful, straight teeth—all your hard work has paid off! Now your orthodontist will talk to you about your retainer.


Before you get your retainer, you may wear a positioner for a short time. This appliance helps finish moving your teeth. Your retainer, on the other hand, holds your teeth in their new position. You may have one retainer (for either your upper or lower teeth) or two (for both sets of teeth). Retainers are made of plastic, metal, or both, and may be removable or fi xed in place. You may wear your retainer all day at first, then only at night. Be sure to wear it exactly as directed. If you don’t, your teeth could                                                       start to move out of position. Then you could need braces all over again!